Living with the lights on

Doesn’t mean the dark is gone.

The sun is just a way for shadows to be made.


The sickness in my ears is how I’ve lived for years,

Just gotta try harder to make myself better.


You gotta fight through the madness,

And sift through the sadness,

To get to the greener side of the things.

Cuz if you can’t stop the bleeding,

The walls won’t stop screaming,

And this is how it’s gotta be.


Wake. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Am I nothing more than a machine?

A slave to the routine.

Wake. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.


The chemicals kick in

Keeping my blood thin.

It’s a fight to feel alive with all this wasted time.

I can’t stand this skin,

This shadow I’m in.

Is it my time?
Is time just a gift?


Oh GOD have you been sleeping?

How could you not be seeing

The tears in the eyes of my mother?

As she wishes I was better than medicating our family history

She’s so sorry for passing that on to me.